The Modern Face of Slavery and A Major Threat to the Environment

Photo Credit: Benjamin Lowy
Photo Credit: Benjamin Lowy
Photograph by Benjamin Lowy depicting child labor in the cocoa farming industry

Most of the cocoa comes from Africa, specifically Ghana and the Ivory Coast, because cocoa beans require a tropical climate to grow. It is estimated that almost 70% of the world’s cocoa beans is grown in these two countries.

It is important to note that cocoa is a slow food. Although the cacao tree’s fruit pods can be as large as a pineapple, each one of them holds only between 20 and 40 cocoa beans, and it takes about 400 beans and an entire year to make one pound of chocolate liquor, the main ingredient in all chocolate products (Murray…

Understanding the phenomenon

Protestors holding flags of different countries in the MENA region

In the last weeks of 2010, the Middle East and North African (MENA) region witnessed a wave of protests and revolutions that later became known as the Arab Spring. The protests first started in Tunisia but then spread to the MENA, where at least fifteen Arab countries joined the movement, causing a Domino Effect in the region.

This movement is a rebellion against the authoritarian regimes that have been reigning over the MENA region for decades. Protestors across the region were united with one main goal: overthrowing their leaders to ensure better living conditions and establishing a democratic political system…

Cyrine Bettaieb

A stubborn girl from Tunisia studying Political Science and International Relations in Spain, who wants to share her opinions and reflections with you.

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